Hedge fund software 6 Apr 2011
Managing large and complex hedge funds could be very intimidating to every manager. To facilitate your work, use a hedge fund software.
Capitalized cost 4 Dec 2007
Business Plan Financial Projections 8 Nov 2007
The financial section of the business plan is an area that receives significant scrutiny from capital providers. It is also typically one of the most challenging undertakings for management, especially for an early-stage growth company.
Business to business finance 26 Sep 2007
Many small businesses turn to traditional lenders when they are ready to open for business. They gather together their business plan and head to a bank in the hopes that the bank will fund their venture. For many small business owners that means using their personal finances as security and that is a terrifying proposition. The Best Finance Tips for small business are those that help them grown with minimal risk
Is Your Business Plan Aimed at the Right Audience? 17 Aug 2007
Is Your Business Plan Out of Date? 17 Aug 2007
Completing a business plan is a major task, but it also has to be an on-going one. The plan needs to serve as a current road map and give capital providers an accurate and up-to-date overview. Entrepreneurs, however, have to balance planning with executing. So how often, and in what circumstances should your business plan be updated?
Business plan 11 Apr 2007
The business plan identifies the strengths and risks of a business, provides an overview of the market, sets out financial projections, articulates long-term goals and defines key targets to be achieved.
Equity capital financing 11 Apr 2007
If you're thinking about getting outside or equity capital to help fund your business, there are some things you need to do first, that can make your business more attractive to investors. Follow these simple ideas, and you'll be well on your way to raising the money you need. First, always talk to a qualified business attorney (not your family lawyer). There are a lot of laws pertaining to how equity capital can be raised from the public, and the laws change often. You need someone who understands not only these laws, but also how to make sure that any business contracts are written to protect you and your business, especially the fine print.
Angel Investor Funding 4 Apr 2007
If you have a start-up company that is looking for up to $500,000 in financing, your best option is to locate and meet with Angel Investors. Angel Investors are people that invest their own money in start-up companies. Many of them started out the same way, as an entrepreneur with their own start-up company. They like the entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to fund a start-up or two and offer their own business advice and wisdom. Also, their financing terms are less painful that what a venture capital firm would offer and they can usually make a decision in a few weeks on whether or not they will finance your company. Now you know why they are called "Angels".
Business Coach 4 Apr 2007
In an increasingly competitive and marketing-driven economy all companies, especially start-ups, are continually looking for opportunities to increase their competitive advantage. Business coaches, professionals that specialize in coaching management to improve all aspects of business planning, marketing and execution, may just provide that advantage. In addition, business coaches can focus on the aspirations of the individuals involved, aiding in the realization of their professional goals and achievement of their full potential within the organization.
The Importance of Knowing Your Customers 24 Mar 2007
The market analysis and marketing plan sections are two of the most critical elements of a business plan. Private equity investors or loan providers need to be convinced that a real demand exists for the company’s products and services and that management has a viable plan for capturing market share.
Negotiating Venture Capital Financing 24 Mar 2007
Identifying the right venture capital partner and securing financing represent major achievements for a growth-stage company. Before the transaction is finalized, however, management faces an additional hurdle: negotiating the terms of the venture capital financing.
Start-up Checklist 24 Mar 2007
Taking a business idea and transforming it into a tangible enterprise is both an exciting and daunting task. The following checklist outlines the critical steps to provide a company with the necessary legal, financial and practical foundations for growth.
Venture capital 24 Mar 2007
Entrepreneurship 24 Mar 2007
Corporate financing 24 Mar 2007
Top Business Plan Mistakes 24 Mar 2007
Even the best business idea and most competent management team will fail to raise capital if the company’s business plan is of poor quality or contains avoidable errors. The following are some of the most important mistakes to avoid.
Managing cash Flow 24 Mar 2007
There's something you can never afford to forget when you are running a business out of your home: cash is king! Whether it is a multi-billion dollar empire, such as Microsoft, or the tiny mom-and-pop convenience store on the street corner, cash is the life blood of the business.
Venture capital and private equity directory 2 Mar 2007
Our directory of venture capital and private equity is a collection of websites for the entrepreneur: venture capital firms, angel investors, financial services...
Bridge financing 21 Feb 2007

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