Top 3 hedge fund software 


Hedge fund software has made it so easy to investors to manage their funds and also their customerís accounts. For those of you who donít know what a hedge fund is. It is a fund that has preventative measures in order for it to perform well whether the market is going up or down. Big private investors are the only ones who have access to such hedged funds. These types of funds use very aggressive strategies and arenít restricted to or governed by the same rules and regulations the other mutual funds are.

Top 3 hedge fund software
Manage your funds effectively by using a hedge fund software.

Someone would probably wonder of the benefit and use of hedge fund software. Well, with the huge competition which these dayís markets has and also the ever changing economy, managing hedge funds is becoming a very hard to do task. As software are introduced in probably every task that was done manually before, you need especially accounting software to manage your clients accounts and keep them updated. These software are very helpful especially for hedge fund managers as they make their work easier and more accurate. Some of the best software are:

1- Advent: Itís probably the most popular hedge fund software that most managers use it. Itís been reported that 8 of the top 10 hedge fund brokers use this software to manage their client accounts. The best thing about this software is that it is very customizable. This company offers 3 management options depending on the needs you have for the software and the customization you want from it. So if you are looking for a software which can do everything for you, you need to consider using this one.

2- Reval: This hedge fund accounting software seems to perform well especially with hard and complex hedge funds. This software will actually make a managerís life and work easier than ever by evaluating, measuring, assessing, reporting, trading and managing his derivatives and hedges very easily. This company also offers various software choices for various needs especially complex ones. If you hate those annoying spreadsheets, then you better use this advanced accounting software.

3- Fundcount: this is one of the most popular and useful hedge accounting software available. What is very interesting about this hedge fund software, is its automation capabilities, as it can assist you in generating detailed hedge fund reports automatically. The other interesting thing is that it covers everything that a manager would ever need.

Managing medium and large hedge funds could cause a problem to every manager. So get out of the dark circle and use a hedge fund software that suits your needs.

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